Yes we can!
Do you NEED Swedish fish? HATE white chocolate? Have allergies or dietary considerations? Celebrating a birth, wedding, mitzvah, dinner party, girls' night  no event is too small or large for SWTZ. Email or call one of our candy designers to customize any order. SWTZ is always made for you.
The Vessel
All our vessels are modernist and curated. You will see many of them sold individually at some of the top design stores in the country.

Our clients don't throw away our vessels. They're reused in their homes — on coffee tables, in their foyers to hold keys and sundries, in their pantries or as a serving piece for their next event.

We don't use any vessel we wouldn't display with pride on our own home. Every day. Which is the bonus: the candy or the vessel? You decide.
  • SWTZ
    Maybe it’s just us, but the combination of an edible, hand-crafted gift plus a beautiful multi-purpose vessel seems like perfection.
  • SWTZ
    We are bored with choosing another bottle of whisky or wine, we have had enough of flowers. Keep the tequila for yourself and send candy.
  • SWTZ
    Every life event, gathering or party is better with candy. We are all about the candy benefactors — the ones that always find the perfect gift, show up with a beautiful offering for the hosts or send their friends gifts, just because.
  • SWTZ
    We believe in women-owned and quality sourcing, and that taking care of our loved ones is a true form of self-care.
Our Candy
We have searched the entire United States to bring you the very best candy products. Our testing process is robust. Friends, family, and children are all asked to taste many, many different kinds of candy to make sure that what makes it in our arrangements is absolutely top-shelf. Violet Beauregarde and Augustus Gloop were unavailable, but we do have a long waiting list of volunteer taste testers.

We eat with all our senses and our product has to look good and taste great. If you are gluten sensitive or have a nut allergy, just let us know and we can make you a custom assortment from some of our partners — all individually wrapped, labeled and safe.
Our Founder
Jennifer Stone Kabaker

SWTZ is a woman-owned small business born in 2020. Our fantastic team of candy experts is led by our founder, Jennifer Stone Kabaker. Jenny’s first after school job was in a candy store in suburban Chicago where a lifelong love affair with confection began. With a gluten allergy herself and a son allergic to nuts, it seemed sometimes that the world just didn’t want her to have candy, but she has found a way to make candy a part of her life and now wants to share it with you.

As the principal of JGSK Design, a NY-based interior design studio, for the last 10 years, Jenny also learned how great design could make people happy.

Jenny has been inspired by women entrepreneurs and created SWTZ as a combination of her two passions — candy and design.